Our Features

On Steapl, you have access to

Mobile Application Development

We are known for our ability to deliver innovative and engaging mobile apps. We provide end to end mobile development solutions.

Academic & Technical Support

Online forum for the benefit of academic users to share ideas and discuss topics that are of interest to the user base.

Sharable Certificates

We prepared tests for the most popular categories and get cerificate.

An Inclusive Experience

It is creating usable, functional and easy-to-use products that meet the needs of as many individuals as possible.

About Us

The Steapl is an online assessment system for learners, employees and educators. It provides platform for designing, implementing and conducting simple to complex assessment of skills / subjects / programs. It can serve as a Platform to conduct surveys, opinions and customer feedback. This has intelligent recording technique for Excel inputs, Audio, Video & text files.

About Cogito

New business models have been made possible an unprecedented speed and other, already mature, are being completely transformed by the possibilities that the digital world offers. Cogito Enterprise Solutions is at the heart of this convergence, helping organisation to enable its digital transformation. With the use of innovative processes and methods of agile development, Cogito designs and develops software products to reposition its customers in the business world.

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